My passion is helping people just like you change the way you think. I facilitate and activatesbreakthroughs in Culture, Strategy and Innovation – grounded in research, analytics and insights.

I am not only an outstanding business thinker, but also a highly original philosopher. I am very charismatic and, like a Zen master, I like to jolt people’s minds by asking astonishing and seemingly mysterious questions. Driven to understand and create, and I have no problem switching between speculative musing and frank, solutions-oriented approaches to whatever problems are at hand.


Way of thinking

  • Question the default. like “What is this wasn’t the correct way to think about the world?”
  • Think about the opposite
  • Mental process requires collateral energy.
  • Do not always swim with the group, take time, reflect and take a step back.
How I can help you?

Radical Mindset

In his talks, he covers topics such as radical change, mindset, New Leadership. creativity and System Thinking. How did we get here? How did humankind evolve from apes swinging in trees to astronauts walking on the moon?

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