Malte Josh Wagenbach : Wegbereiter –


My core interest is future civilization; Developing better collective capacities to increase meaning and sense-making. Better choice-making towards a world commensurate with our higher values and potentials. I’m exploring how our societies and political economy will change under the force of rapidly accelerating technologies and other trends.

I’m writing this to begin to synthesize my own thoughts and feelings. I am focused on exploring topics that I find meaningful and relevant to being human well, individually and collectively. Specifically, thoughts on the future of civilization, Artificial Intelligence, the sensitivity and potential of our current situation, and how we might navigate the path ahead. The impact on our lives and choices, in service to supporting more collective sense-making around a topic that it seems we (or perhaps it’s just me) have mostly wanted to avoid.

I am not only an outstanding business thinker, but also a highly original philosopher. I am very charismatic and, like a Zen master, I like to jolt people’s minds by asking astonishing and seemingly mysterious questions. Driven to understand and create, and I have no problem switching between speculative musing and frank, solutions-oriented approaches to whatever problems are at hand.

Way of thinking

Radical Mindset

In his talks, he covers topics such as radical change, mindset, New Leadership. creativity and System Thinking. How did we get here? How did humankind evolve from apes swinging in trees to astronauts walking on the moon?

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