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I am a beginner

Right now I am in my bed and running a temperature. Having a cup of tea and thought I could write something again. It it is weeks ago since I have written my last article again and before I sleep again I thought I could share some thoughts with you guys.

Eugene F. Wave said All glory comes from daring to begin.

You always start with something. I start to learn code a few months ago. I was a beginner and I loved it. I am still a beginner cause I dont practise it everyday, but I am better than a few months ago. I started and that is the point. You have to start with something to become better.

When was the last time you did something for the very first time? For most of us, it is not often enough.

Why we feel uncomfortable to start new things?

When given the choice between doing what we’ve done before and trying something for the first time, we default to what’s comfortable. But where’s the fun in that? If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

It is ok to be not perfect and the best at something.

And there is a huge power in being a beginner:

Remove expectation

Connects you with new people

You will see it from a different angle

keeps you humble


But why the fuck are we so scared to be beginners? 

We all have things we are good at. Just think about what you are good at for a minute. In some things we are naturally good at and in other  have to practise a lot to become better. In the begin, it is really hard to learn something new but it worth it.

Imagine your job or something else you are relatively good at. But you really hate it. It feels comfortable and ok. Why should you change something right? If you want to change your life now you have to start new. You are a beginner again, maybe.

This fear of being new keep us from the richest aspects of living. It can keep us from your soulmate as we stay in a our comfortable relationship, it can keep us on the couch when everyone is having fun in the city. Maybe the last example will not fit. But we make our life comfortable any many times it is easier for us to stay home instead of going out and live the moment.


It is okay to be a beginner. 

You have to find out what your natural talents are. What are you good at and you should use these  talents to find a life you love. You can use these talents in everything you want to learn. If you like to write songs maybe you should learn new things  by writing songs about it.

It is not always easy to find your talent. If you need help contact me and I can recommend you a lot of books.


Dreams start with beginning

Every dream that saw a glimpse of daylight, before anything else, had to begin. The start is never glamorous. You’ll fumble, you’ll be ridiculed, you’ll doubt yourself, you’ll try to rationalize why you should put it off. That’s why most dreams stay dreams. The fear of beginning is too great.

The first step to reach your goals is always the hardest. It is to start. You will be a beginner again. But it is ok to be a beginner. But if you never tried something you will never have these experience.

I want to do so  many things in my life here a a few examples:

start a company

diving with sharks

see more from Europe

start another blog

What to do next?

1. Know your Talents. Think of what you’re fucking awesome at. What skills allow that? What do you love to do naturally? Public speaking, crunching numbers, counseling others, doing deals, making friends, writing a million lines of code?

2. What is your one thing. What have you always wanted to start? Ideally pick something you believe will add fulfillment and enjoyment to life (is there any other reason to do something anyway?). A side business, a new career or a new relationship. It should truly move the needle. And for fun also choose something totally off the wall (hip hop 101 anyone?).

3. Create a bunch of tiny steps. Chunk your new focus down into really basic and manageable tasks. This makes getting things underway a lot less stressful. If you want to start a new career then the first little step may be making a list of 5 people you can talk to in your new space. Then set up meetings with them. And so on. If it seems easy, we’ll start, if it seems too hard, we won’t.

4. Begin! This is the hardest part, but all it takes is two seconds to say “that’s it”, “never again” or “let’s begin”. Those words, spoken with enough meaning and emotion, can change your world. Take the two seconds, and then another five minutes to complete your first task. You’ll never experience the magic if you don’t start.

5. Let the momentum rip. It quickly becomes unstoppable.


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