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The F*** word

Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you have not tried it at all?

I guess we all have been to one of those moments, where fear holds us back. The fear of failing at something. But you are never perfect at the beginning of something new. WE living in a culture of perfection. Many organization or enterprises beliefs that failure is unacceptable. You must reach your goals and never ever make any mistakes. Imagine the stress and terror in every organization like that. The wild finger-pointing as everyone tries to shift the blame for the inevitable cock-ups and messes onto someone else. But is it really the fear of failure? Or do we fear the criticism of other people? We don´t want that they blame us. We want that they think we are perfect, we don´t make mistakes. But is there really a failure? Or is there more feedback? A few tips to overcome the fear of failure: Do something now. Do not give up If you fail. Don´t take it personally. (Start at 1 again) Don´t judge yourself too hard Learn from your failure. Do it better next time If you start something you are already ahead of a lot of other people.


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