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Tips to Optimize your Daily Habits

You might be assume that humans buy products of what they are, but the truth is we often buy things  because of  where they are.

Think about the items at the store shelves, we tend to purchase more items at the eye level than

on less  visible shelves.

In the Book Nudge by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein explain a variety of ways that our everyday decisions are shaped by the world around us. The effect that eye-level shelves have on our purchase habits is just one example.

But why is this important?

Something has to go on the shelf at eye level. Something has to be placed on the rack at the end of the aisle. Something must be the default choice. Something must be the option with the most visibility and prominence. This is true not just in stores, but in nearly every area of our lives. There are default choices in your office and in your car, in your kitchen and in your living room.

Optimize your default decision in your life and it would be easier to live a better life.

Consider how your default decision are designed throughout your personal and professional life.

For Example:

If you sleep with your phone next to your bed, then you checking social media and email as soon as you wake up is likely to be the default decision. (Do not sleep with your phone in the same room)

If you keep a water bottle with you throughout the day, then drinking water rather than soda is more likely to be the default decision.

Of course, defaults can be positive as well.

If you keep your running shoes next to your bed, then go running is more likely to be the default decision.

If you keep vegetables with you throughout the day, then eating healthy is more likely to be the default decision

Here are three strategies I have found useful when trying to design better default decisions into my life:



It is really hard to Focus on a lot of things. Try to focus on one goal at the time  and cut the unimportant things out.

For Example: Do not open 10 tabs, if you only want to read one article.


Visualize the things you want to change and remember yourself what you want to  achieve, if you don´t choose the bad default decision.

For example: You are at the supermarket and you want to have a beach body, this summer. Imagine that chocolate will not help you to achieve your goals.

Designed for you vs. Designed by you

Default Choices are not bad, but the entire world was not designed with your goals in mind.

Many Company goals are directly compete with yours (a food company want you to buy the unhealthy pizza, while you want to loose weight).

You will find more success by living a life that you design, rather than accepting the Standard One that has been handed to you.

You should question everything. Shift your environment until it matches what you want out of life.

Yes the world around you shapes your habits and choices .

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