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TRE – Shaking is a Tension Trend that everyone will benefit from

If you remember my article how to prepare for 2050, I believe in order to solve the problems in our world, we must detach ourselves from our traumas. A few weeks ago I came across TRE. Something I can only describe as unbelievable, after all the years of meditating, breathing exercises, and more, this was a special experience after a while.

So here we go. Have you ever experienced an unexpected shock, tension, or nerve attack and find yourself trembling uncontrollably? It happened to me several times: once I remember when I was 9 or 11 years old and was taking the test and my legs start shaking. I remember that moment very deeply. If I remember, it was especially in stressful situations. Shaking, on the other hand, has never happened to me as anything other than a sign of utter fear. It turns out that it can be beneficial and is gaining popularity as a form of therapy. So for example in other forms like in Qi Gong, gentle shaking is a way of transforming stress into vital energy. So I was already somewhat familiar with this shaking.

However, the claims that a specific shaking therapy known as TRE (Trauma Release Exercise), can transform the way we handle stress, particularly old and accumulated baggage radically, fascinate me. We all can feel how stress builds muscular tension patterns in the body, like your stomach, jaw, or shoulders. It can lead to pain (back sickness is a prime example) and it can influence our behavior – wrath, anger, or even more severe things such as self-damaging. It is said that TRE works by changing our system and freeing us from default stress patterns that have been established to protect us. It is called ‚trauma protection.‘ But we don’t have to break us, but we can’t stop hard life events.

What is TRE?

Trauma and tension release exercises are a few simple exercises that trigger a natural shaking reflection in the body. Shaking can unleash long-lasting tension patterns and encourage new connective feelings and ease. Shaking is the central nervous system’s novel stimulus. New, safe and curious stimuli can encourage learning and growth. Trauma psychology is complex and relatively straightforward physiology. Trauma fixes old parts of the brain on ‚fight or flight‘ or ‚freeze‘ defense cascades. TRE® is a safe and natural process to reboot reflexes.

TRE is a simple group of exercises to help reset central nervous system reflection and habit. When we have tension and trauma, the old parts of the brain become tightly tightened, ready to fight or fly or freeze the body, into defensive strategies. TRE is a secure and simple way to release stress and wake your body up.

It works by deliberately enabling that unintentional shaking, to discharge stress and balance the system – a sort of factory reset, if you like, that we have all been through in times of terror. This is what all mammals, except us, do because we know how to control it. We all saw antelopes escaping from a predator’s jaws, picking up, having a good shake then acting as never before. They’re over it. They’re over it. Dogs are also shaking to calm down. We are the only species that bottles everything up and prefers to be „stuck against life,“ We just have to be a little more „mammal“ to learn.

The shaking is a reboot that can be used to tell new, safe stories that don’t need to arm themselves old fashionedly, between your mind and body. To benefit from TRE, you don’t have to have a specific trauma, and many of us don’t know how or why we are responding to stress as we are. The good news is that it really doesn’t matter. TRE tells us that we’re not mad bad or ruined, be it anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.

I think we’re not connected enough to our bodies and too much in our heads. This would seem to be supported by the popularity of awareness, which helps us to link up with the present rather than old stresses.

For me, the experience was magical. I shall persist, however; it will relax, it will be easy, it will be mindful and progressive and it will be good for my meditation and yoga practices. It is very easy to know that I can bend against stress with some easy exercises.

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